If you have a question about electronics or data solutions, contact me via my email address.

I’m a Data Science student at Monash University. My personal interest is in computational finance, statistical analysis and business intelligence. I plan to deliver this by providing progressive data solutions for it and automating effective & informative reporting to keep a track on the performance and business insights in real-time.

I am an optimist with integrity, strong problem solving skills, strict attention to detail with commendable decision making & interpersonal skills. I can be found on Quora as well

Here are some of the things I’m up to these days:

  • I am developing my own library in Python to deliver a quick overview of the performances of major supervised learning methods in one go. Check it out pip install basicanalysis

  • Another interesting task I am doing currently is to develop a Stock Price Analyzer using sentiment analysis on news articles. Yes, in real-time.